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About Our Tags...

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  Highland Company LLC manufactures cost effective, easy to use rolled flagging tags and dispensers for ALL harvest, shipping and retail applications for the Christmas tree industry.   We also serve tagging needs for the nursery and B&B industry.

  Our tags are made of durable 2 mil recyclable polyethylene film, which will remain tough in all types of weather, including freezing temperatures. We have many fade resistant film colors to choose from.  The tags are manufactured in rolls of either 200 or 250, depending on the tag length, and are easily separated at perforations.  They are available in 14" and 19" lengths and are meant to be tied onto your trees, plants, baskets or other containers either in the field, shipping yard or retail lot, depending upon the desired use.

  NU-MIRACLETM brand flagging is probably the most accurate tool you can use for counting your product.  Besides having a pre-counted number of tags on each roll, each tag is consecutively numbered as well!  Christmas tree growers find this product especially useful.  This is an economical tag which contains no printing other than the consecutive number.  Numbering for each roll of 14" tags starts at 250 and descends to zero, while numbering for the 19" tags starts at 200 and descends to zero.  We generally keep a complete stock of 14" Nu-MiracleTM brand flagging available to ship on short notice.  These tags are also available with numbering according to your specification.

  If you desire to have information printed on the tags, you may wish to choose from several options.  Our finest and most versatile product, TELL-TAILSTM brand flagging, can be printed with consecutive numbers, graphics, addresses, phone numbers, species, sizes, UPC codes, or practically any message imaginable.  This is our highest quality tag, available in 14" and 19" lengths.

  You may wish to avoid printing plate charges and use our DM16TM tags, which are printed with short messages of bold single or twin line dot matrix text, including consecutive numbering.  Available in 14" and 19" lengths.

  We also offer NCTA color coded 14" and 19" Species/Size tags, many of which we keep on hand in our inventory.  

  Red 14" and 19" tags printed with a bold SOLD and consecutive numbering are stocked in rolls of 100 tags.  SOLD flagging is available in 300' rolls without perforations.

  Growers, shippers and retailers will find many uses including name identification, grading, species identification, care instructions, harvest identification, field counting and grading, and pricing.  We are your source for custom printed Christmas tree tags and numerical flagging.

  We will be happy to send samples to you.

  We have several supply dealers in the US and Canada which maintain inventories of our standardized, NU-MIRACLETM  and SOLD tag products.

   This web site displays descriptions and samples of most of our products.  If you have a special need which is not described here, please tell us about it.  We may be able to help you!

Environmentally friendly...

  Sometimes less is better.  We use less  plastic in our retail UPC tags than most of our competitors.  Less is also lighter which results in reduced shipping costs.  Our tags are made of recyclable polyethylene as well.

  Thank you!