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To place order call: 800-466-2753 or send message to

Creatively advertise your product, warning  or slogan!!

We can print designs with up to three colors!

  No job too small!  No job too big!  Many standard legends are available including DANGER and CAUTION.  Call (800) 466-2753, or send message to

  Our custom printed barricade tapes are available in standard lengths of 500' or 1000' (or your preferred custom length), in widths from 1 3/16" to 6" in either 2 mil, 3, mil or 4 mil thickness.   2 mil is available in any of our standard colors.   3 mil is available in yellow only.  4 mil is now available in yellow, blue, red, orange, purple, lime green and white. See all options.

  Please let us quote your job!!  We offer high quality at low prices!!  Most orders shipped within five working days!!  Overnight service available for certain applications...please inquire.  Call (800) 466-2753, or send message to

  We use polyethylene film which is a tough, weather resistant material.  4 mil is considered heavy duty and well suited for very windy  and extended outdoor use.

Example pricing:   Regular duty 2 mil yellow with black ink, 3" x 500' - 10 rolls only $12.96/roll   (2.5" x 16" plate - $85.)

 Example pricing:   Heavy duty 4 mil yellow with black ink 3" x 500' - 10 rolls only $16.13/roll  (2.5" x 16" plate - $85.)


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